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What is The Spinal Flow Technique 

The Spinal Flow Technique is a gentle, non invasive clothes on modality that works by connecting with the nervous system via gentle touch using specific access points on the sacrum and cranium to help activate your body's inate healing wisdom to start to release blockages that are interfering with the messages from the nervous system out to every organ, cell, tissue and gland in your body causing pain, dis-ease or illness.

How does the Spinal Flow Technique work?

The Spinal Flow® Technique is a philosophy, a science, and an intuitive, hands-on approach that prompts our spine and nervous system to release stress and help heal itself. 

There is an innate intelligence inside every human body to grow, repair and heal itself. Just as our gut digests our food, our hair grows and our heart beats naturally, our bodies know how to harness this innate intelligence – or Life Force Energy – to heal and grow.

The spine and nervous system is the pathway through which Life Force Energy flows. Unreleased stress creates a blockage in the spine which prevents the flow of Life Force Energy.

By releasing stress stored in the spine, a Spinal Flow Practitioner helps restore the flow of healing Life Force Energy through every vertebrae in the spine and to every cell in the body.

The Spinal Flow Technique is a complete modality which allows you to

  • Interpret the messages of the body which show as pain, dis-ease and other symptoms

  • Identify where stress is stored in the spine

  • Release spinal blockages

  • Restore the flow of Life Force Energy

  • Awaken the Spinal Flow

  • Allow the body’s innate intelligence to heal pain, illness and dis-ease.

Who created Spinal Flow

Developed by then chiropractor Dr Carli Axford after working many years as a Chiropractor she felt like there was something missing. Dr Carli's passion for knowledge saw her travel the globe and learn a large arrangement of healing modalities including network spinal analysis, bio geometric integration, torque release technique, sacro occipital technique, applied kinesiology, neuro emotional techniqie and EFT but she instinctively knew the 7 gateways of the spine offered the simplest tool for healing, Spinal Flow Technique was created!

What to expect at your initial appointment

Duration - approx 60 mins including first Spinal Flow session

The session will begin with a thorough intake process. Reviewing your client intake form, and any specific goals you have for your Spinal Flow session/s. Then you will be asked to demonstrate a series of movements eg, turning your head from side to side, your posture will also be assessed. After this, you will lay on the massage table and gentle palpation of sections of your spine and surrounding areas will be performed. Following this a discussion will take place where we discuss the report of findings from your assessments. Then your first Spinal Flow session will begin.

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